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This website is maintained on a voluntary basis by the residents of the parish of Ruishton, Thornfalcon and Henlade. If you are running a club or business or other organisation within the parish, then you are invited to be included in the website, but don't forget to often update your information.
Parish Council Minutes 07/01/2015

The Clerk reported that the Annual Parish Council Meeting could not be held on May 6th as the Town/Parish elections are held on Thursday 7th May. The new council will be in Office on the 11th May and the council is required to hold its APCM within 14 days of this date.
The Annual Parish Meeting (a meeting of electors) is required to be held between 1st March and 1st June. This meeting is called by the Chairman
APCM - It was agreed to set a date of the APCM meeting of 20th May 2015. Link...



News Letter February 2015

Monthly draw winners, Bingo, whist drives, Jumble sale, Quiz night, Carpet bowls, Health walks, Pantomime, Village day, Dog show, Ladies coffee club, Artists in TexStyles, Friendshop club, Book club, Winemakers, Parish council and local adverts. Link...






Parish Council Minutes 03/12/2014

Flood Committee Report
Cllr Goldstone reported on the recent interviews with BBC Sound in regard to the pilot project of trained volunteers putting out road closed signs in times of flooding.

Flood gates at Dinhams 
TDBC agreed to install floodgates in April 2013 but it has not been completed.
The Clerk reported that she had tried to chase this up but was put from one department to another as nobody knew anything about this agreement. Link...




Ruishton Village Day Flower Show 19th July 2014

"Why are there pirates in Ruishton this year? Answer - because there Arrr! This year’s Ruishton Flower Show Scarecrow competition saw Ruishton and Thornfalcon invaded by Pirates! “Captain Fat Jack” led the invasion of pirates of all shapes and sizes and Ruishton Church of England School provided a crew of 11 pirates. The judges praised the high quality of the record number of scarecrows this year. Link...